EN54-23 approved
Dual colour LED strobe

This dual high output EN54 compliant LED strobe provides a high efficiency, low power solution for alarm signalling in an easy to install design.

The pre-alarm and alarm modes are individually monitored and operate differ-ent flash functions.

This VAD (visual alarm device) has a unique first fix installation method in the base enabling quick installation to pro-vide a competitive solution.

The high quality and robust design ensures that the user has trouble free operation over the life of the product, even in tough environments.

With a range of selectable flash options, the product is suitable for a wide range of applications.



Key Features
Quick First fix installation.
Wide operating voltage.
Low power consumption.
High output mode.
Individual reverse polarity monitoring of pre-alarm and alarm circuits.
Selectable flash options.
Fully synchronised.
IP65 rated with Deep base.
Large EN54-23 coverage area.

Key Benefits
4 flash modes.
18 to 56Vdc operating voltage range.
Low power and high output modes.
Up to W-5-12 coverage (switch selectable).
Up to 720m³ coverage volume.
Available in Red or White.
(other colours available Non approved).

Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Commercial and Industrial sites, Power stations, Airports, Stadi-ums etc..
Where 2 stages of visual alarm are required with a high output.
Where low power consumption is required with a high light output.
Order codes
DUO-R-RW Double Red deep base with Red and White high output strobes fitted
DUO-W-RW Double White deep base with Red and White high output strobes

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Additional information

Supply voltage range

Compliant operating range 18—56 V dc

Current consumption

20mA to 60mA dependent on setting

Cable monitoring

reverse polarity monitoring

Terminal size

0.28 to 2.5mm² conductor

LED Configuration

Red and White LED’s (Red above White)



EN54 –23 coverage

Up to 720m³

Flash options

High and low output, 1s and 2s flash rates DIL switch selectable


V0 rated ABS body & base, V0 Polycarbonate lens



Base colour

White or Red

Lens colour

Clear and Red

Fixing method

Body to base – Bayonet auto connect, Base to wall – Screw

Operating temperature

–25°C to +75°C

IP Rating

Type B and IP65