EN54-23 approved high output sounder
and Dual LED strobe

This triple high output EN54 compliant LED strobe with siren provides a high efficiency, low power solution for alarm signalling in an easy to install design.

Multiple flash modes enable warnings and alarms to be signalled visually and audibly.

The pre-alarm and alarm modes are individually monitored and operate different flash functions.

This integrated audible and visual alarm device has a unique first fix installation method in the base enabling quick installation to provide a competitive solution.

The high quality and robust design ensures that the user has trouble free operation over the life of the product, even in tough environments.

With a range of selectable flash options, the product is suitable for a wide range of applications.


Key Features
Quick First fix installation.
Wide operating voltage.
Low power consumption.
High output mode.
Individual reverse polarity monitoring of pre-alarm and alarm circuits.
32 tones.
Selectable flash options.
Fully synchronised.
IP65 rated with Deep base.
Large EN54-23 coverage area.

Key Benefits
Reduces costs where multiple VAD are required.
Full synchronisation across tones and flashes on all products in the
range enabling very flexible system upgrades and changes.
Cover areas with fewer devices to reduce installation costs
Robust and reliable, lower maintenance costs.
High specification and efficiency simplifies product selection.

Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Commercial, Marine and Industrial sites.
Where 2 stages of visual alarm are required with a high output.
Where low power consumption is required with a high light output.
Order codes
TRIO-R-RW Triple Red deep base with Red and White high output strobes and red siren fitted.
TRIO-W-RW Triple White deep base with Red and White high output strobes and white siren fitted.

Other variations available to special order, contact us for details.

Additional information

Supply voltage range

Compliant operating range 18—56 V dc, Max 18 – 60V dc

VAD Current consumption

20mA to 60mA dependent on setting

Sounder Current consumption

10mA to 30mA dependent on setting

Cable monitoring

Individual reverse polarity monitoring on both Pre-alarm and Alarm circuits

Terminal size

0.28 to 2.5mm² conductor

LED Configuration

Red and White LED’s (Red above White)



Sound Output

92dB(A) to 110dB(A) depending on tone

Selectable tones

32 Tones, 3 Tones EN 54 approved

EN54 –23 coverage

Up to 720m³ (see table)

Volume control


Flash options

High and low output, 1s and 2s flash rates DIL switch selectable


V0 rated ABS body & base, V0 Polycarbonate lens



Base colour

White or Red

Lens colour

Clear and Red

Fixing method

Clear and Red

Operating temperature

–25°C to +75°C

IP Rating

Type B and IP65